About us

"Morkva Club" - a circle of friends and acquaintances online and in real life, collected a common desire to issues of healthy living and protection of environment. And activism aimed at correcting the oppressive situation.

Topics that are addressed in "Morkva club":
- Peace activism and civic initiatives;
- The moral relationship to the planet, people, animals
- Healthy lifestyle (from cooking to nutrition) 
- Ecology (from the environment to the home environment and even the ecology of communication);
- Public health, personal health, healthy lifestyle, non-competitive sports
- Education and relevant (current) social-oriented education;
- Our ability to meaningful positive impact on the world;
- Charity;
- The development of consciousness and personal abilities;
- Mutual support, cooperation, creativity, music, visual arts;
and many other things that interest us.

It turned out that the visitors Morkva club is easier to find a common language, willing to build close and lasting friendships and positive cooperation.

We're out of politics, religion, commerce

"Morkva club" is a space, motivating, positive charges and inspiring, encouraging, create, and contribute to development.

A place to learn about the latest trends in environmental and animal protection arts, to meet new people and companies, space where you always pleased.

"Morkva club" - people who inspire, help, advise, share.
This is the atmosphere in which you can express yourself where you will know where you'll be sure useful. This is the place where you can change the future and influence its formation!

"Morkva Club" - a network of conscious and energetic people who are willing to share their ideas and experiences. This is a professional approach to project a positive eco-practices.